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    Handbrake (Parking Brake) used to secure the vehicle when stopped. Remember that on most cars this only operates the rear wheel brakes and does not display brake lights, it must not be used while moving. To operate the handbrake press the button in and lift to put on lift slightly and then press the button in and lower to take off. There are only 2 positions – ON/OFF.

    Gear Lever(Gear Selector) This is used to select the gear you require for Speed.

    Indicators (Turn Signals) used to inform other drivers of your turning intentions, on most cars they are on the left of the steering wheel and to indicate left you push down and to indicate right you push up until it clicks. The indicator will turn off automatically when the wheel is returned to the straight ahead position. Beware of slight bends in the road before a turn.
    Instruments these include a speedometer for telling you the road speed of the car, a rev counter which gives the speed of the engine and can be used as a guide to gear changes and engine condition dials such as temperature and fuel levels.

    Windscreen Wiper Control Used to operate the windscreen wipers front and rear, your instructor will explain these to you, however most have 3 positions – Intermittent, On and Full.

    Mirror Control found in various places normally on the drivers door side of the car, this can be used like a play station joystick to control the mirror settings.

    Light Control used to set the lights, turn to the right to go to sidelights then dip beam. Pull towards you 1 click for front fog lights and 2 clicks for rear fog lights. When the dip lights are on if you pull the Indicator lever towards you full beam will be selected and a blue light will illuminate on the dashboard.

    Steering Wheel / Horn Used to steer the car and warn others of your presence. Press the steering wheel firmly in the centre to activate horn. Some cars have a horn on the indicator stick.

    Clutch Pedal this is explained in more detail in later guides, however is used to disconnect the engine from the gearbox and wheels. When the clutch is lifted the engine and gearbox are connected (at the biting point) and as lifting id continued the car will move forward. For more details click here. The clutch must only be operated with the left foot.

    Brake Pedal is used to slow the vehicle by applying braking to all 4 wheels, this works in a similar way to a bicycle if you put the brakes on hard you will cause danger to cars behind, unless an emergency you must gently apply the brake and gradually add pressure as required. Your right foot is used to operate the brake pedal.

    Accelerator / Throttle / Gas Pedal normally instructors will refer to this as the gas pedal as it is the quickest to say so more useful in instruction. The gas pedal controls the amount of fuel going to the engine and therefore the speed of the engine. The pedal is sensitive and your instructor will guide you how to use it correctly. It must be used with your right foot.

    Heater Controls The speed control sets how much air is blown out, the temp changes between hot and cold and the direction means you can select which area gets the air. You also have air conditioning.

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